Stevie Nicks talks sexual harassment and gender pay gap in music industry: “Everybody has to keep fighting”

The Fleetwood Mac singer also reveals band's own policy on pay

Fleetwood Mac icon Stevie Nicks has shared her views on sexual harassment and equality within the music industry.

The legendary band were being honoured as Person of The Year at the MusiCares event on Friday evening (January 26). It marked the first time a band has received the award.

During the ceremony, the band took to the stage to perform the classic ‘Rumours’ track ‘The Chain’ with Harry Styles – while Haim, Lorde and more paid tribute with covers from their decade-spanning back catalogue.


Speaking to CNN at the event, Nicks – who joined the band in 1975 – took the opportunity to discuss sexual misconduct and equality within the music industry.

“Everybody needs to not let this be a kind of big wave and just go away and say, ‘Oh well, you know, it’s over and nobody cares anymore,'” Nicks said. “Everybody has to keep really fighting because otherwise women, we will be swept under the carpet yet again and it will just start over.”

Drawing on her personal experiences within the band, Nicks said that herself and bandmate Christine McVie hadn’t been exposed to much sexual misconduct over the years.

“I think I’ve been very lucky,” she said. “And maybe it’s because when I joined Fleetwood Mac, Christine and I made a pact. We said we will never ever be treated like a second class citizen amongst our peers as we get more famous and more famous – and if we’re in a room with famous rock n’ roll stars that are men and they treat us that way, we will scream at them and then we’ll walk out.”


“We’ve been a force of nature our entire career, so nobody has dared to step over that line to Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks,” she added. “I’m such a raging monster when I’m angry that it would have never worked, so I’m really glad I never had to run into that.”

Nicks also shared her thoughts on the gender pay gap within the entertainment industry and revealed the band’s own policy.

“Fleetwood Mac has two women and we all get paid the same,” she said. “And if we didn’t, Christine and I would be walking out the door.”

Meanwhile, Fleetwood Mac have recently reissued their self-titled 1975 album, which includes previously unreleased material.

Among the unearthed recordings are live performances and early takes of a number of tracks including ‘Rhiannon’, ‘Landslide’, and ‘Say You Love Me’.

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