Watch ‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbour actually dance with penguins

Chief Hopper asked his Twitter followers to help him get a trip to the Antarctic

Stranger Things actor David Harbour has danced with penguins in the Antarctic after asking his Twitter followers to help him secure the trip.

The star, who plays Chief Hopper in the Netflix show, has been helping out his fans lately by agreeing to appear in yearbook photos or officiate their weddings if they get enough retweets.

The roles were reversed last month when Harbour asked his followers to help him get over 200,000 retweets on a tweet.


He had written to Greenpeace asking how many retweets he would need for them to “send me someplace to tell emperor penguin couples I think they have terrific parenting ideologies” and “perhaps hone the Hopper dance with the males”.

After reaching the 200k retweets needed, Harbour has made the trip, uploading clips of him dancing with penguins and stressing the importance of protecting the Antarctic. See his posts below.

After Harbour’s request, the environmental organisation replied: “Hmm, if you get over 200k we’ll ask the Captain if you can join our expedition to the Antarctic and dance with the penguins. #StrangerThings have happened.”


Harbour sent out a request to his fans, saying: “I’m a giver. I give and I give. But now I need you. I need 200k retweets to go dance with penguins. Please internet. Please retweet THIS TWEET. Please. A man needs his ‘guins.”

When it reached the 200k mark, Harbour noted that it took “less than 5hrs” to achieve the feat. “I’ve never said this to a multi-user weblike platform of tons of computers connected worldwide, but… Internet… I think I love you.”

Greenpeace replied with a video message from a chief mate called Fernando, who invited the actor to join an expedition to Antarctica in February. At the end, he signed off with a little dance. Harbour replied: “Fernando, thanks for protecting vital unheralded ecosystems in super cold places and everything but please leave the dancing to the professionals…”

Meanwhile, a US singer is to release an album inspired by Stranger Things. Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson said in a tweet last week: “As you all may (or may not know) I am OBSESSED with @Stranger_Things. So obsessed, I’m writing a record inspired by the show! Release date TBA. Stay tuned my Stranger Babies…the 80’s are comin atcha!”.