Stream in full ‘Westworld’ soundtrack featuring covers of Radiohead and Amy Winehouse

HBO drama was recently renewed for a second season

The full soundtrack for Season One of Westworld has been made available to stream online.

The 34-song compilation follows a previously released EP, which included covers of Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’, Soundgarden, The Rolling Stones, and The Cure performed by the show’s composer Ramin Djawadi, who also scores Game Of Thrones.

In addition to the EP covers, the full soundtrack includes the show’s theme, original music composed by Djawadi, more Radiohead covers including ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’ from ‘Kid A’, ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ and ‘OK Computer’ track ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’.


It also includes covers of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Something I Can Never Have’,  Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ and The Animals hit ‘House Of The Rising Sun’. Listen to the soundtrack below.

Speaking about why the acclaimed HBO drama has featured so many Radiohead covers, Djawadi recently explained: “They’re just an incredible band. I myself am a huge Radiohead fan. I’m happy he’s [writer Jonathan Nolan] picking those songs.”

Djawadi who also composes the music for Game Of Thrones, added: “While I’m not even that big into lyrics, their lyrics tend to be very poetic as well. I think it’s a great fit. Like with ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ – even if you just take the title — with Westworld, what is real? What is not real? You can interpret it in many ways.”

The sci-fi western thriller is based on the 1973 film of the same name and premiered on HBO in October of this year. The season one finale aired on Sunday (December 4).

It was recently confirmed that Westworld would be renewed for second season. JJ Abrams produced the series, which stars Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood. It was written by Interstellar and The Dark Knight writer Jonathan Nolan.


The second season is set to be aired in 2018.

“We won’t be on the air until 2018,” Nolan confirmed.

He added: “We started that conversation with the network when we were shooting episode two and we realised the complexity of trying to write and produce the show at the same time.”

Nolan continued, explaining that they wanted to dedicate more time to each aspect of making the show, rather than juggling them all at once. “Sometimes you find yourself in this place where you have to wear all these hats at once,” he said.