Streams of Janet Jackson’s ‘Nasty’ increase by 250% after Donald Trump’s “nasty woman” debate comment

The Republican insulted his opponent in the US election during the third Presidential debate last night (October 19)

Streams of Janet Jackson‘s song ‘Nasty’ have spiked by 250% after Donald Trump branded Hillary Clinton “a nasty woman” during the third Presidential debate last night (October 19).

The two main candidates in next month’s election in the US clashed during their final televised debate at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas last night. Trump, who has faced an onslaught of controversies in the past few weeks that have derailed his campaign, made the remark about Clinton as she was discussing her plan to add more to the social security program.

In the wake of the debate, Spotify have announced that streams of Jackson’s song, which was originally released in 1986, have risen by 250%. The streaming service took to their Twitter account to reveal the spike, asking “Who’s jamming to that nasty groove?” with the accompanying #Debates hashtag.


The spike was largely attributed to the social media reaction to Trump’s controversial comment, with many twisting the Republican’s slur into a compliment for Clinton.

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