The Streets’ 10 best songs

Mike Skinner's been in the studio with Matty Healy and Slowthai - so does this mean new music is on the way? Here are 10 of The Streets' cult classics to enjoy whilst we wait...

Fit But You Know It (2004)

What happens: We’re not quite sure how well this track now rates on the woke-o-meter, but here Mike gives a dressing down to a lady he fancies.

Best bit: That chugging beat. The extreme rowdiness of it all.



Turn The Page (2002)

What happens: Like, everything. The opening track of The Streets’ debut album is an epic statement of intent, pitching Mike Skinner as Birmingham’s very own Maximus Decimus Meridius.

Best bit: The way it builds up. As powerful as a bout with Conor McGregor.


Weak Become Heroes (2002)


What happens: Mike sings the praises of acid house and 1990s ravers over a woozy electronic track.

Best bit: The drop as Mike sings “Only one choice in the city/Done voicing my pity, now let’s get to the nittygritty.”


Could Well Be In (2004)

What happens: Aww, Mike’s in love. With, according to the video, a young Alexa Chung,

Best bit: Those plaintive, pensive keys, of course.


Blinded By The Lights (2004)

What happens: Mike gets totally off his mash in the club and feels a bit sad. It’s epic.

Best bit: The massive wobbly synth line that runs throughout the whole track.


Dry Your Eyes (2004)

What happens: Mike tells the fellas it’s ok to be sad as he ponders a big break-up.

Best bit:  Those violins, bringing all of the emotions.


Don’t Mug Yourself (2002)

What happens: Mike lets his heart have the better of him. By all means you can vibe with this girl, Mike, just don’t mug yourself.

Best bit: “Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!”


Too Much Brandy (2002)

What happens: Mike goes to Amsterdam with the lads and drinks a lot of brandy. He then goes to Brixton and continues his booze-y mission.

Best bit: The south London bar shout-out that is:Rah, rah, rah, it’s all back to the Dogstar.”They sell t-shirts with that line on, y’know. See also; referring to brandys as ‘Marlons’.


Has It Come To This? (2001)

What happens: The breakthrough track announced the arrival of Mike Skinner to the world – part rowdy lad, part street poet.

Best bit: The pirate radio call to arms of “Lock down your aerial”. Iconic.


Prangin Out (2006)

What happens: Mike’s life basically falls apart because of drugs and booze. But what a banger.

Best bit: The fact there’s a Pete Doherty cover version is quite exciting. It is surprisingly not terrible.