Students in Manchester tear down controversial fencing installed around campus

The fencing was put up on the first day of England's new lockdown

Students in Manchester have torn down controversial fencing which was erected around their campus on the first day of England’s new lockdown.

The metal barriers were erected at the University of Manchester’s Fallowfields halls of residence, with students immediately expressing their shock yesterday morning (November 5).

The fencing was eventually pulled down by hundreds of students, who likened them to those of a prison.


The University of Manchester subsequently apologised “for the concern and distress caused”.

Speaking to the BBC, student Megan said: “Morale is really low, we’re really disappointed we didn’t hear about this beforehand and about the fact it went up without any explanation.

“They’re huge metal barriers, they’re connected to one another and there’s literally no gaps.

“There is fencing around the whole outside, we feel like it’s completely unnecessary. It makes it feel like we’re in a prison.”


Praising the students, Liam Gallagher wrote on Twitter: “Respect to the students of Manchester LG x”

In a statement, President and Vice-Chancellor Prof Dame Nancy Rothwell said the fencing was not intended to stop students from entering or exiting the site.

Instead, she claimed it was installed to address safety concerns from students who feared access from people who are not residents.

“The fences are being taken down from Friday morning and students are being contacted immediately,” she said.

“Alternative security measures, including additional security patrols are being put in place.”