‘Submarine’ director Richard Ayoade planning Dostoevsky film

Arctic Monkeys' chum is already planning his next move

Richard Ayoade plans to adapt a Dostoevsky work for his next directing project.

The IT Crowd actor has been winning rave reviews for his feature film debut, Submarine, which opened last Friday (March 18).

Now he is already planning his follow-up: an adaptation of Dostoevsky‘s novella The Double.

Published in 1846, the work deals with the psychological struggles of main character Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin using the device of an alter-ego.

When asked what he was working on next Ayode told the Metro: “An adaptation of The Double… which I feel like I’m jinxing further and further with each mention.”

He expanded in typical self-deprecating style: “When you say you’re going to do something, because I’m naturally cynical, I feel you’re less likely to do it. But I really want to do it. That’s the hope.”

No details on the project have been made public yet.