Supergirl: Why the DC universe works way better on television – and how to watch all the action for free

The superhero we all deserve

Marvel rather have the monopoly on the superhero movie market. For the most part, DC haven’t been able to capitalise in the same way with their DC Extended Universe films; but when it comes to telly – that’s where DC really shines.

The Arrowverse, which started with Arrow in 2012 and has now spawned several other successful TV series, is a huge and glossy, if slightly sprawling, success; but DC’s real crown tv jewels has to be Supergirl. Not part of the Arrowverse cannon, but involved through crossovers, it’s a golden hearted and genuinely entertaining triumph.

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Watch now: Supergirl with NOW TV 14-day free trial

But why should you be waching Supergirl? That’s easy:

Because it’s not afraid to have fun

On the big screen DC can get a bit serious. Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, although breathtaking, can’t always be described as “fun”. And the tangled plots of ‘Suicide Squad’ and the DC Extended Universe movies aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs; but the Arrowverse, which Supergirl is part of, on TV? Sparky dialogue, actual funny moments and unashamedly lighthearted baddies; there was a musical cross over episode for god’s sake! They recognise that superheroes are ridiculous and fun and a bit silly, and embrace that in the best possible way.

But it handles important plot lines with ease

But whilst it is tonnes of fun and there are ridiculous fight scenes – it handles serious plot lines sensitively. Take Supergirl’s sister Alex coming out in season 2. The series was praised for it’s intelligent handling of the plot line – taking the time to properly cover Alex’s emotional experience over several weeks, instead of just shoe-horning it as a plot device into one episode.

It gives the characters time to grow


There’s only so much character progression you can get in a 2-hour film, however well it’s written; but in 20+ episode seasons, there’s more time for a character arch. In Supergirl we get a real look at the titular character’s past, and what it was like on her home planet of Krypton and her adjustment on earth, which you just can’t get in a movie.

There’s a chance for smaller characters to have a spotlight shined on them

In a television series there’s also more of a chance to explore characters that aren’t the leads, which means comic book favourites can get the treatment they deserve. Livewire, Silver Banshee and Miss Martian all get proper screen time, in a way that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t television.

Watch now: Supergirl with NOW TV 14-day free trial

She’s an absolute badass

We need more female superheroes, that’s a fact; but with all the hype around the amazing Wonder Woman, we forget that we already had one brilliant hero on screen in the form of Supergirl. Strong morals and her family focus combined with the fact that she is categorically a badass who doesn’t need anybody to save her (in fact, she nearly always saves the day), means that Supergirl is not only a brilliant role model for young people, but also just a genuinely incredible superhero.

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