Susan Sarandon arrested at anti-Trump rally

The 71-year-old actor was arrested in Washington with over 500 women

Susan Sarandon has been arrested with over 500 women at an anti-Trump protest.

A sit-in protesting the US President’s immigration policy was held in Washington D.C. on Thursday (June 28).

Police have confirmed that 575 women were charged with unlawfully demonstrating at the rally, which took place at a US Senate building. Sarandon, 71, tweeted about the arrest on Thursday, writing: “Arrested. Stay strong. Keep fighting. #WomenDisobey”.


She followed it up with another tweet yesterday (June 29), saying: “It was worth it.”

Women at the rally, which protested in part the separation of families at the border between America and Mexico, were reported to be chanting “We care” in response to the jacket Melania Trump wore to a migrant child detention centre in Texas. The back of the jacket read: “I really don’t care, do u?”

More protests are taking place across the US today (June 30) after 2,342 children were separated from their parents in the last month. Trump has since signed an executive order which promises to keep families together but has not addressed what will happen to those already separated.


Sarandon has been arrested at a protest before. In 1999, she was taken into police custody during a New York protest against a police shooting of an unarmed African American teenager.

Meanwhile, Eddie Vedder‘s wife responded to the controversy around Melania Trump’s jacket at a Pearl Jam show. Vedder invited his wife Jill onstage in Milan where she could be seen wearing a khaki jacket with the words “Yes we all care. Y don’t u?” on the back.