‘Taboo’ season two shooting date revealed

The first installment of the acclaimed Tom Hardy co-created show concluded back in February

The second season of Taboo will start shooting in early 2018, its co-creator and writer Steven Knight has confirmed.

The debut season of the Tom Hardy-starring – who also created the show along with his father Chips – period drama premiered in the UK on the BBC back in January, and concluded its initial eight-episode run at the end of February.

After finally confirming that the show would return for an “explosive” second season back in March, Knight has now given Taboo fans an update on the production of new episodes.


Speaking to Den of Geek, Knight confirmed that he is currently writing the second season “now. I’m trying to write it as quickly as I can.” He then confirmed Taboo‘s projected shooting dates.

“I would say we would hope to be shooting it — I don’t know whether this is supposed to be secret or not — early next year.”

Asked about how he perceived the response of viewers to Taboo‘s first season, Knight said that he had feared that people wouldn’t take to the show in the way he had hoped.

“I didn’t know the BBC were going to put it out at 9pm on Saturday night, and I thought ‘oh my God! Have they seen it?’ [laughs] Because it’s so out there and it’s very dark, but the response was amazing,” he said. “It gives me faith in human nature because people have responded so well to it. And it’s not just an intellectual audience, it’s all sorts of people who really like it.”

Meanwhile, Hardy has just been cast as a villain in an upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film.