DC Exhibition

Take a sneak peak at London’s new DC Comics exhibition

DC Exhibition: Dawn Of The Superheroes opens at The O2 today

While rivals Marvel may be winning at the box office, DC Comics characters still pack a mighty punch – and a new exhibition at The O2 collects a series of artefacts, artworks and props that will give fans a serious nerdgasm.

DC Exhibition: Dawn Of The Superheroes arrives from Paris, where it was put together by the museum Art Ludique-Le Musee in conjunction with Warner Brothers. It features more than 200 original comic pages, 300 sketches and concept artworks for films and 45 original costumes from movies and TV shows such as Batman Returns, the Dark Knight trilogy, Suicide Squad and the 1970s TV adaptation of Wonder Woman. There’s even a lump of kryptonite in there – so any passing Kryptonians should be careful.

Broadly arranged into rooms belonging to the biggest hitting DC characters – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Justice League – the exhibition dips its toe into the deeper world of the DC Universe but casual fans won’t feel alienated (except, again, if they’re Kryptonian).

Check out our video from the exhibition, which runs until September 9. Entry costs £22 for adults and £11 for children.