Tame Impala’s Jay Watson shares video for GUM’s ‘Gemini’

The singer released a new solo album 'Flash in the Pan' last month.

Jay Watson has shared a music video for ‘Gemini’, the first single from his new album as GUM.

Watson, who is also a touring band member of Tame Impala, released ‘Flash in the Pan’ last month, his third solo project.

The lo-fi video for album track ‘Gemini’ is filled with astrological signs and was inspired by 80s fantasy films, according to director Sam Kristofski.


“The clip was roughly styled around old children’s fantasy shows, like The Neverending Story,” explains Kristofski. “I love the idea of people blaming their behavior on their star sign too, so I think that was the whole section around someone crying, and in deep thought then cutting to the symbol. Also Jay fighting his star sign was based around that whole Gemini double personality thing, in combat with your other half, I just did the ’80s Karate Kid thing as it mixed in with the theme and tone of the clip.”

“We shot the whole thing in L.A. on left over 35mm and 16mm film stock from “CSI: Las Vegas,” which was a risk as the film was so old,” he added.

Watson is not the only Tame Impala member with a side-project. Drummer Julien Barbagallo also records as Barbagallo, while Cam Avery is a member of both The Growl and Pond, together with former Tame Impala member Nick Allbrook.

Kevin Parker described Tame Impala as a “covers band” in an interview earlier this month, as he writes and records all the material himself.

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