Taron Egerton hits out at “unfair” criticism of ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’

"We got a bit of an unfair kicking"

Taron Egerton has hit out at criticism levelled at Kingsman: The Golden Circle in a new podcast.

Speaking to Empirethe actor said he felt the level of criticism aimed at the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service was “unfair” and that some of the comments were “a real kicking.”

Egerton said: “I felt we got a bit of an unfair kicking if I’m totally honest. I think in some respects it was [difficult] because I just gave everything to it, and then it was so quickly torn down, that I did feel a bit of a sting.”


He continued: “I think in some respects it probably wasn’t quite as well put together a film as the first one, but it certainly wasn’t a bad film. And when we got this real kicking – I think what I would like to happen is for us to do a third one and for it to feel like a worthy third instalment to what has been a great part of my life.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was heavily criticised. In a two star review of the film, NME wrote: “The Golden Circle is less funny, more misogynist, dumber and meaner…For a larky spy movie, there’s far too much static exposition. Action is scant, with wobbly CG and without the energy of the first’s church massacre or anything as imaginative as the blade-legged henchwoman, Gazelle.

“If there’s a saving grace it’s Elton John, as a furious hostage livid at being subjected to these people’s nonsense. After 140 minutes you get how he feels.”

Recently, Egerton said that he wouldn’t be appearing in the next Kingsman movie. However, speaking to Empire, the actor has now said he won’t be returning to The Great Game – one of two prequels that explore the origins of the Kingsman agency. The Great Game is set for release in November 2019.

Whilst a sequel to The Golden Circle might be the last outing for Egerton, he hinted that he would still like to return to the role one day.


He said: “My dream for it would be that I would kind of hang up my suit for 10, 15 years and then come back and pass the mantle on…I think that would be fun.

“We’d have to take a step away from it for a while before we did that. For me that would be the perfect way to wrap up what has been a huge, huge part of my life, and something I will always be incredibly grateful to Matthew for, and will always be in his debt for. So you never know, watch this space. Either way, Kingsman‘s going to survive, with or without me.”

Meanwhile, a trailer was recently released of Egerton in the new Elton John biopic, Rocketman. Set for release next summer, the biopic follows the music icon’s journey as he prepares to release ‘Honky Chateau’, his 1972 breakthrough album.

The film, directed by Bohemian Rhapsody’s Dexter Fletcher, will also see Jamie Bell star as Elton’s songwriting partner Bernie Taupin and Bryce Dallas Howard as his mother. In September, the first official photo from the production was revealed, showing Egerton in some of the singer’s trademark get-up.

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