‘Taskmaster’ apologises for ongoing technical issues

"All we can say is they are hoping to resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

The creative team behind Taskmaster have apologised for an ongoing series of technical issues that the show has encountered.

The show has come up against multiple problems over its recent series. In its second episode, the show suffered from several visual difficulties, including overbearing brightness and a lowered contrast which rendered some colours indistinguishable.

Fans took to social media to call out the show’s issues.


“What’s up with #taskmaster this week?” tweeted one viewer. “No swearing last week and this week they look like they’re in a smoky room. It’s still brilliant and no my TV’s not knackered.”

“Hey @Channel4 can you stop messing up @taskmaster last week bleeped this week not colour graded properly so all the blacks are grey ffs!” wrote another.

Meanwhile, the series premiere came under fire as a censored version of the episode was accidentally aired.

Now the new episode of the show, which aired on Thursday (October 7), has again experience returning issues with contrast and brightness.

Following the episode, the show’s team took to Twitter to issue a statement.


“We know some of you have experienced problems watching the show this series. This is due to the ongoing technical issues at Channel 4, and that’s also why the bleeped versions of Taskmaster aren’t currently available to watch on All 4…” it said.

“All we can say is they are hoping to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We are working on a solution but for now can only apologise and recommend following or tweeting @4Viewers for updates.”