Taylor Swift reveals how she prevents backing dancers leaking her music

She explained the method in her 'End Game' behind-the-scenes video

Taylor Swift has explained how she filmed the video for her recent single ‘End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future’ without any of its cast or crew leaking the music.

In the behind-the-scenes video for ‘End Game’, which was shot before the release of Swift’s latest album ‘Reputation’, her backing dancers in the ‘pub scene’ are shown moving to a “click track” – a simple metronomic rhythm.

“I commend them fully,” Taylor explains, “because they’ve been pretending like there’s music playing when there’s not.” Holding out some discreet personal headphones she says: “I have these in my ears. They’ve been dancing to a click track. It’s incredibly hard work.”

The behind-the-scenes video then shows the dancers dancing to the click track, while Swift mouths the words along. See the moment from the 3:45-minute mark in the video below.

Swift was recently announced as one of the headliners at the BBC’s ‘Biggest Weekend’, which has been hailed as a ‘Glastonbury replacement’ in the latter’s fallow year. She is set to play Singleton Park in Swansea, alongside Ed Sheeran, Niall Horan, J Hus and Craig David.

The festival takes place at several sites across the UK: Scone Palace in Perth, War Memorial Park in Coventry, and Titanic Slipways in Belfast. Other artists performing at these sites include Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Beck, Courtney Barnett and Paloma Faith.