‘Terminator’ fans celebrate Skynet paranoia as ‘Judgement Day’ dawns

Director James Cameron tweets environmental message as Skynet gains self-awareness...

Terminator fans will be suspicious of their iPhones all day, since the day has come when according to legend the robots are set to lead their revolution.

The long-running sci-fi franchise marks last night (April 19, 2011) as the day when Skynet gains self-awareness. The precise minute is marked as 8.11pm. In the film the sentient robots go on to wage a war against humanity from this moment.

Terminator director James Cameron gave the event a topical twist tweeting from Twitter.com/JimCameron: “Skynet was supposed to go operational tonight. Instead of machines taking over, we have the very real threat of global warming.”

However, the technophobic should not worry too hard about the threat of robot incursion. April 19 was a revised date in Terminator mythology established in TV spin-off The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

In the original movie Skynet was initiated by Cyberdyne Systems on August 4, 1997, with the first strikes coming 25 days later on Judgement Day: August 29, 1997. These dates correlate with the release of Radiohead‘s ‘OK Computer’.

Time was re-written once more in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, with Judgement Day postponed until July 24, 2004.