The 1975 share another cryptic clip hinting that new music is on the way

It looks like there's only one day to go

The 1975 have teased another clip suggesting the release of new material tomorrow (June 1).

Six days ago, the band posted a mysterious clip on Twitter with an atmospheric piano track playing in the background as the Number 7 appeared on the screen.

Now another clip featuring the same music but with the Number 1 has appeared on the band’s Twitter account, suggesting that new music is coming tomorrow (June 1).

Fans online recently speculated this theory, with a new single suggested to drop from ‘Music For Cars’ tomorrow.

One fan said: “We are getting the music that we deserve, thank you”.

Fans also recently got a taster ‘Do It Again’, a new single from No Rome’s new EP.

The Philippine-based artist is signed to The 1975’s label Dirty Hit. Before he joined the label, he relealeased two EPs – ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Hurry Home & Rest’ – in 2013 and 2015.

Healy previously said the trio have been working together, writing: “NO ROME AND ME AND GEORGE MADE A RECORD ITS WILD OMG SO GOOD”. He also discussed the project further with Zane Lowe, saying: “It’s so exciting to be working with him. I just fell in love with it completely. I’d never seen him, I didn’t know who he was or anything. I flew him over to the UK because I was just too excited, and when I get that excited then I know that I’ve got to do it. We moved it over and signed him to Dirty Hit, and the rest was history.

“Rome kind of became a bit of a muse of mine once I was working on his stuff and then his ideas were on parallel with everything that me and George were doing, so I just wanted that energy in the studio.”