The Amazing Spider-Man director to quit after next film

Marc Webb will work on the third instalment of the franchise and then bow out

Marc Webb, the director of The Amazing Spider-Man series, has revealed that he will helm the next instalment of the film franchise and then bow out.

Speaking at SXSW, the director – who has worked on the two Spiderman films to date (including the forthcoming second movie) and will continue to work on The Amazing Spider-Man 3 – said that the third film “will close out [his] tenure.” He added, “I’ve had so much fun doing it, but after the third movie, it’ll be the time to find something else.”

Webb also went on to discuss the imminent second film, explaining why he cast lead actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, who play onscreen lovers and are now dating in real life. “With Andrew and Emma, we screen tested them together, and it was obvious. There was a sense of vibe and chemistry,” states Webb. “Emma’s great power, and I think why she’s so beloved, is because she’s accessible, and that comes from being very aware and present in a scene. Emma had this great experience with comedy, and Andrew had such emotional depth from drama, and they complemented each other perfectly. It’s just magic.”


In the interview with The Daily Beast, the director also talks about the film’s central villains. He reveals, “Electro’s really the main villain in the movie. Rhino makes a brief appearance. With Electro, he has enormous cinematic potential—the way he looks is cool—and how do you stop that guy? I thought it was a worthy adversary for Peter Parker, and it was always something I was fascinated by in the comic books, about how you’d render that visually.”

Webb continues: “I thought there was enormous potential in exploring the character of Max Dillon before he becomes Electro, and enormous pathos. You feel for this guy who’s been pushed into the shadows and whom no one listens to. He’s humiliated and feels shame and emerges, through his transformation, in a darker and more destructive way. Feelings of shame and unworthiness are universal precursors to one of two things: an act of destruction and an act of heroism. Heroes and villains have so much in common.”

Before working on the Spider-man series, Webb was notable for directing a host of music videos for the likes of My Chemical Romance and AFI. He also worked on (500) Days of Summer, starring She & Him singer and New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released on April 16.


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