‘The Big Bang Theory’ star teases ‘Friends’ crossover on social media

Kaley Cuoco is getting fans' hopes up

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has teased a Friends crossover in a new Instagram post.

The post sees Cuoco and co-star Suzanne McCormack posing on the iconic couch from the series.

Captioning the post, Cuoco wrote: “With my partner in production crime @suemack8 takin it all in @hbo maxis and duh we found the Friends couch #hbomax coming April 2020.”


HBO Max, the new streaming service from the US company, arrives next year, and is set to feature both The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

The new post is the latest in a long line of meetings between the cast of the two shows. Earlier this month, Courteney Cox shared a selfie on Instagram with Cuoco, while back in 2016, the cast of both shows united at a gala dinner in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, Jennifer Aniston said she was “working on something” with the other members of the Friends cast. It came after she recently explained why a Friends movie will never happen.

Aniston also recently spoke about the disparities in pay on Friends and revealed that she was left frustrated that some of the stars were being paid more than others.