‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Mafia character

'Inception' actor will not be playing Robin after all

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set to play the role of Alberto Falcone in The Dark Knight Rises.

The actor’s role in Christopher Nolan‘s Batman three-quel has been he source of speculation for weeks now. Many fans assumed that the 500 Days Of Summer actor would play Robin.

Now, according to Variety, insiders have confirmed that Gordon-Levitt will play Falcone, the son of Mafia boss Carmine Falcone.

The latter character was played by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins. In the original comics he was known as the Holiday Killer.

He appeared in 1996 series Batman: The Long Halloween, and was based on Godfather character Fredo Corleone.

Gordon-Levitt has previously worked with Christopher Nolan on Inception. The Dark Knight Rises is due for release in summer 2012, with Christian Bale returning in the lead role of Batman. Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman.