‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to film at Occupy Wall Street?

It is rumoured that the new Batman film will be heading to the protest camp in Zuccotti Park

From October 29, The Dark Knight Rises production will be shooting for two weeks in New York City and, according to an anonymous source, cast and crew have been told that this may include a visit to the Occupy Wall Street protests to shoot scenes for the forthcoming film in the Batman franchise.

The LA Times suggests that director Christopher Nolan would “be using the protests as a backdrop or a stand-in for something that already exists in the film”, as he is notorious for planning his shoots and scenes months in advance. However, they also added that “Nolan is known for tossing out red herrings”.

A spokeswoman for Warner Bros would not confirm or deny the planned shoot at Occupy Wall Street.

It was recently reported that Cillian Murphy – the actor who played The Scarecrow in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – will also make an appearance as a villain in The Dark Knight Rises.

Michelle Pfeiffer has also backed her Catwoman successor Anne Hathaway. Pfeiffer famously portrayed Batman’s villainous love interest, aka Selina Kyle, opposite Michael Keaton in Tim Burton‘s 1992 film Batman Returns.

The iconic character is making a reappearance in the forthcoming trilogy closer, played by Hathaway. Lending her support, Pfeiffer told Hollywood Life: “I think [Anne] is going to be amazing. She has the darkness and the comedy – she’s got it all. She’s going to be great.”