‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ star Danny Ramirez reveals a BTS joke was cut from the show

The ad-lib scene would have featured in episode five

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier star Danny Ramirez has revealed that a joke about BTS was cut from the Disney+ show.

The ad-lib scene came during episode five where Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) tells Ramirez, who plays Joaquin Torres in Marvel‘s new TV series, to keep his wings and takes the shield instead.

He told Collider: “It’s this little ad-lib about how I wish we were all more like the boy band BTS. Because I was like, ‘I thought we could be more like [rapper and BTS member] RM’. And so it was a fun little thing and there was a little dance that went with it.”


“So yeah, that was a little bit of something where that would have been cool. But [the scene] was more about the dynamic between us and it still got to be a moment between me and Sam, which was the most important,” Ramirez added.

Captain America
Credit: Marvel Studios

The show’s series finale is set to air on Disney+ on April 23.

Meanwhile, BTS recently teamed up with McDonald’s for a deal which allows fans to order the K-pop band’s favourite meal at the fast food chain.

BTS’ signature order includes either a nine or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets box (depending on the market), medium World Famous fries, a medium drink and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by recipes from McDonald’s South Korea.


The BTS promotion at McDonald’s will start rolling out on May 26 (US) through to June 25 (Indonesia) across the world, including at restaurants from Austria to Paraguay, Oman, Puerto Rico, India, Hong Kong, Estonia, Nicaragua and Suriname. The promotion will not be available in the UK.

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