“Someone pooed on our tent!”: The Festival’s Joe Thomas reveals his nightmare festival experiences

"It was almost just like 'welcome to the festival'".

Joe Thomas has revealed his worst ever festival experiences to NME, ahead of The Festival hitting cinemas next week. Check out our interview with Joe and director Iain Morris above.

Directed by The Inbetweeners co-creator Morris, The Festival sees Joe starring as Nick, a recent university graduate who heads to a music festival with his mates after he’s unexpectedly dumped by his girlfriend.

Predictably, the event in question is a million miles away from the manicured lawns of Coachella and it isn’t long before things begin to go seriously wrong.

But while the film promises to be full of the gross-out humour that you’d expect from the Inbetweeners team, it seems that it wasn’t a million miles from Joe’s own experiences.

Describing his worst ever festival experience to NME, he said: “The defining one was the first festival I ever went to, which was Reading.

The Festival official poster

“We woke up in the morning and someone had pooed on our tent. It was classic, it was almost just like ‘welcome to the festival’.”

He also recalled seeing Blur as a child, where he was left questioning the entire point of festivals.

“I was watching Blur and I was on my dad’s shoulders because I was so small. I couldn’t see Blur and I couldn’t see the stages. There was also some screens I couldn’t see”, he explained.

“I was like, what is the point of this? I literally don’t know what this is, other than being in a field with more people than I’ve ever been with in my life.

“That’s still my reaction now! I still think this is kind of incredible because of the numbers involved and the experiences are just so different.”

The film was also shot on location at some of the UK’s leading festivals last year – which meant that Joe became uncomfortably acquainted with the customary mud.

“Joe had to have a tetanus shot because he spent so much time in the mud”, Iain Morris revealed.

“Actually now, I don’t need to worry! It’s free medical care”, Joe quipped.

The Festival is in UK cinemas from August 14.