The whole of ‘Fortnite’ has disappeared, replaced with a black hole

A live stream of the black hole is being held on the game's Twitter

The end of the tenth season of Fortnite has been marked by an asteroid blowing up the entire map, replacing it with a black hole.

As with the conclusion of every series in the game, a big event was held – this time labelled ‘The End’ – and at the end of the event last night (October 13), the entire map was blown up.


All that now remains is a black hole, and no news of what might come next for the game. The official Fortnite Twitter account is currently holding a livestream of the black hole.

Until some kind of resolution comes along, fans are unable to play the game, and it’s left some of them pretty unhappy, showing their disappointment at the disappearance of the game on social media.

There is no news yet on when we can expect season 11 of Fortnite, or how long the blackout might last for.


Elon Musk has also joked on Twitter that he has purchased Fortnite, and then promptly deleted it.

Earlier this year, Marshmello played a live set within Fortnite, though it’s not yet clear whether it might be followed up by other live performances in the game.

For the uninitiated among you, NME‘s Ella Braidwood took a dive into Fortnite to discover just what the game loved by Drake and more is all about.