‘The Hangover Part II’ makers sued by screenwriter

Michael Rubin claims that the hit movie copies his screenplay and his life

The makers of The Hangover Part II are the subject of a lawsuit from an aspiring screenwriter who says the film copies his life.

Michael Alan Rubin is suing Warner Bros along with the film-makers for charges including copyright infringement, defamation, fraud and other charges. After the collapse in 2008 of his marriage to a Japanese woman during his honeymoon, Rubin embarked on some wild adventures that he later turned into a screenplay named Mickey And Kirin.

The lawsuit, filed at the US district court in Los Angeles claims that the movie “is copied from the treatment… and also from the real life incident of the Plaintiff, because the protagonist in The Hangover Part II travels from the United States to an Asian country to marry his Asian girlfriend.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Rubin goes on to blame his ex-wife Tamayo Otsuki for giving his story to the film-makers, in turn accusing them of defaming him with the portrayal of Ed Helms‘ character. In the films, Dr Stu Price marries a prostitute in Las Vegas while under the influence of drugs, and has sex with a transsexual prostitute.

Following the success of the 2009 gross-out original, which followed the misadventures of three friends on a stag party in Las Vegas, the sequel, released earlier this year, follows the three friends to Thailand for the Stu character’s wedding.

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