‘The Hobbit’ shoot delayed after Peter Jackson admitted to hospital

Director undergoes surgery for a perforated ulcer

Shooting for The Hobbit has been delayed after director Peter Jackson was admitted to hospital.

The film’s production company Warner Bros/MGM announced that the New Zealand director suffered acute stomach pains last Wednesday (January 19) and was taken to Wellington Hospital, where it was discovered he had a perforated ulcer.

Jackson has undergone surgery and is now resting.

The statement read: “Sir Peter‘s surgery is not expected to impact on his directing commitment to The Hobbit beyond a slight delay to the start of filming.”

The delay is the latest hindrance to the production of the two-part The Lord Of The Rings prequel, after financial difficulties at studio MGM, the departure of original director Guillermo del Toro and a dispute between Jackson and the Screen Actors Guild.

The first Hobbit movie had been scheduled to be released in December 2012 and the second a year later, both in 3D.