‘The Interview’ opens in US cinemas

Sony had pulled the film due to terror threats

Controversial movie ‘The Interview’ has opened in some cinemas in the US today (December 25).

The film’s release was originally pulled after Sony Pictures was hacked and terror threats were issued in the event that it were screened as planned. The movie, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, follows two American journalists recruited to kill Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea.

There was some disagreement with Sony’s decision to pull the release, most notably from President Barack Obama, who called the move a “mistake”. A statement following the news that the movie would be screened saw Obama “welcome” the change in plans.

As reported by BBC News, it said: “As the president made clear, we are a country that believes in free speech, and the right of artistic expression. The decision made by Sony and participating theatres allows people to make their own choices about the film, and we welcome that outcome.”

Hundreds of independent cinemas in the US came forward to show their willingness to screen the film, despite the threats to attack any cinema showing it. The film is also available to watch online, via a dedicated website and YouTube and Google Play, and Microsoft’s Xbox Video platform. It is currently only available in America for the time being.