The Jam drummer reveals whether there’s hope of a reunion

Rick Buckler sheds some light on the trio's current relationship...

Fans of The Jam might be disappointed to find that Rick Buckler, drummer of the seminal mod trio, isn’t positive that the band will ever reform.

The Jam disbanded in 1982 at the peak of their success. Reportedly, drummer Rick Buckler doesn’t speak much to Paul Weller these days. In fact, The Modfather doesn’t even respond to Buckler’s messages.

Buckler said: “Myself and Bruce [Foxton, bassist] have tried very hard to stay in touch with Paul over the years but it’s all fallen on stoney ground, so unfortunately you just give up.”


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“You just have to stop sending them Christmas cards in the end”, Buckler continues: “there’s only so much you can do, I’m not holding my breath”.

Buckler is echoing what bassist Bruce Foxton revealed last year concerning a Jam reunion. Foxton revealed that there was an opportunity for the band to be seen together for the first time in public at The Jam’s memorabilia exhibition About The Young Idea.

However, Rick Buckler was the one that didn’t turn up. Foxton said of the drummer: “I don’t think I’ve ever fallen out with Rick, but he’d probably say differently. Now I’m good mates with Paul, it’s ironic that it’s gone awry with Rick. But I wish him all the best.”

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