“It’s the right time”: The Killers on their return to Glastonbury after disastrous 2007 set

The Killers have discussed how their first time headlining Glastonbury proved to be one of the biggest disappointments of their career, and how they’re planning to nail it with their second shot.

The Las Vegas band will headline the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night (June 29). It comes twelve years after their first slot at the top of Glastonbury was marred by new sound rules which prohibited the impact of their performance.

Speaking to NME for this week’s Big Read, frontman Brandon Flowers admitted he was aware that something wasn’t right mid-way through what was supposed to be their moment of crowning glory in the UK.


“I remember there was some kind of restriction on the sound and the dB levels, things like that,” Brandon said.

“And there were problems with the PA. I remember being frustrated to get to that point and have these unforeseen things put a cloud over the experience. We thought we were pretty good, I’m sure there were some good moments.”

“I don’t know what it was like out front,” added drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr.

“That festival does such a good thing for charity, but they can end up falling short in a lot of the practical areas and fundamental festival set-up and production. Shit like that happens though.”

The Killers at Glastonbury

Now, their second stint is a chance to right some wrongs.


“We weren’t sure about doing it between album cycles, but as soon as you commit to something like that, you carry it with you, until it’s finished. It feels like the right time,” said Brandon.

Glastonbury is part of the fabric in the UK, we’re aware of it. It’s like Christmas. We take it seriously but not too seriously. We’re gonna bring our best selves.”

So what can fans expect from the show?

“We got a couple of ideas,” adds Brandon.

“We’ll see, when they’re fully realised, how they work out. I may have a special suit that I’ve had made. If we tell all it ruins the element of surprise.”

The Killers will headline the second night of Glastonbury, sandwiched by Stormzy and The Cure respectively. Check back at NME.com for all the latest Glastonbury coverage.

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