The most complained about movies of 2017 have been revealed

It's not what you might expect

The most complained about movies of 2017 in the UK have been revealed.

Deadpool was the most complained about film of 2016, with fans not impressed by the level of violence and sexual references in the film.

According to the British Board Of Film Classification’s (BBFC) annual report, only 262 complained were received in total for films released in 2017. That figure was 371 in 2016. “Public feedback is important to the BBFC and it responds to every email and letter, providing the rationale for its decision and addressing any specific points raised by the correspondent,” the report read.


It named Logan as the film that received the most complaints last year, with a total of 20. The report noted that usually the most complained about movie of the year would have between 40 and 50 complaints. The Hugh Jackman-starring film was criticised by members of the public who thought its violence deserved a higher rating than a 15.

The BBFC explained that although Logan‘s violence is “strong and frequently blood”, it was also “rapidly edited with a focus on action rather than sadism.”

Charlize Theron’s Atomic Blonde attracted eight complaints about violence, sexual content and language. Kingsman: The Golden Circle received the same number, also for sexual content. “Given the comic context of the scenes in question and the lack of strong detail this content is acceptable at 15,” the report said.

Elsewhere, Kong: Skull Island was complained about six times, while Alien: Covenant, Ghost In The Shell, and IT all received five pieces of negative feedback.


Logan is the tenth instalment in the X-Men franchise, and finds Hugh Jackman’s titular character working as a limo driver in El Paso, Texas.