The most popular ‘Bandersnatch’ choices have been revealed

Choose wisely...

Netflix has revealed the most common choices taken in Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch – and it seems that we’re not all so sinister after all.

The choose-your-own-adventure film debuted in December 2018 and allows viewers to control the life of games developer Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) as they’re provided with a series of choices about where they wish to take his journey throughout the film.

Although the choices start with seemingly innocuous questions, they later prove more instrumental and heavily influence the direction of the film.


Now, Netflix has revealed the amount of people taking each choice, and they’re pleasantly surprising.

For starters, it seems that 60 percent of viewers opted to feed Stefan Frosties on the biggest day of his life.

So far, so good.

However, Netflix also revealed that British audiences were far less likely to throw a cup of tea over the computer than audiences across the globe. When faced with that choice, only 52.9 percent of Brits opted for it. That’s in contrast to 55.9 percent of global audiences.


But perhaps the most reassuring statistic comes in the ending – it was revealed that the one where Stefan gets on a train with his mum was the least popular. Given how that one pans out, it’s reassuring that we’re not entirely dead inside.

But while there’s only five endings, there’s a staggering one trillion individual story combinations.

Although the combinations mean that viewers could potentially watch a 40 minute offering, most will experience a 90 minute version of the experience. It was also  reported that 312 minutes of footage were shot for the film.

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