‘The Notebook’ author: “no one wanted to play Noah”

He did not reveal which actors had turned down the part

The writer of The Notebook, the 1996 romantic novel adapted into the 2004 film of the same name, has said that “no one wanted to play” Ryan Gosling’s character, Noah.

Released in 2004, The Notebook has gone on to achieve cult status with its story of a young couple who fall in love during the early 1940s. Their story is narrated from the present day by an elderly man telling the tale to a fellow nursing home resident.

“It was incredibly hard to find an actor willing to play Noah, author Nicholas Sparks told IMDB Asks. “It was really interesting because a lot of the actors said, ‘Well, what’s Noah’s arc?’ It’s a guy who falls in love and then he just kinda does nothing, and then waits for her to show up and then he’s there and he’s still in love and then at the end of the film, well, he’s still in love. Where’s the arc?

“Ryan Gosling came in and he really brought that story to life and showed what you can do even if the arc was relatively minimal,” Sparks said of the character he wrote, before refusing to name which actors had turned down the role.

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In August 2015 it was announced that The Notebook was being adapted into a TV series. The project was confirmed by head of the CW network in the US, Mark Pedowitz, and will be based on the same novel that spawned the hit movie.

According to Pedowitz, the new show will be ”set after world war two” and won’t feature the older pair. He said: “The Notebook is a very well-received book and motion picture. It is going to be set after World War II. At this point, the pilot is not done. I don’t believe we’re going to see the older couple – what they become – but again, things change and we’re just now in the development stage.”

As pointed out by The Hollywood Reporter, writer Todd Graff will take on scriptwriting duties and will also executive produce alongside Sparks and The Longest Ride producer Theresa Park.

No cast details or release date have been announced.