‘The OA’ fan goes on hunger strike outside Netflix HQ following show’s cancellation

“Entertainment is food for the human soul..."

A fan of The OA has gone on hunger strike outside Netflix HQ regarding the streaming giant’s recent cancellation of the series.

Brit Marling, co-creator and star of the sci-fi show, confirmed earlier this month that The OA would not be returning for a third instalment. Viewers quickly took to social media to air their frustration about the decision, with many taking part in the #SaveTheOA campaign in a bid to ensure a third season.

One avid fan has now taken things a step further and is planning to go on hunger strike until the series is renewed. Emperial Young, 35, claims that she hasn’t eaten since August 16 in protest.


the oa netflix season three
The OA. Credit: Netflix

“Entertainment is food for the human soul and Netflix’s algorithm isn’t measuring that right now,” Young explained to Insider while taking part in an organised protest event at the platform’s Hollywood headquarters.

“And by not taking physical food, I’m saying that this show is more important food to me than actual food.”

Young elaborated on the reasoning behind the strike on Twitter, telling her followers: “While it looks like I’m protesting a TV cancellation on the surface, I am protesting the capitalist forces that killed the show, general lack of societal support resources, and to raise awareness about properly teaching AI.”

She added: “The cancellation is a lens for these topics. Which doesn’t mean I’m not trying to save the show. I definitely, definitely am! But that’s not all I’m doing.”


With other followers of the #SaveTheOA campaign wanting to join in on the strike, Young has also shared a tweet to discourage passionate fans from following suit. You can view the full thread above.

In an interview with IndieWire, Young claimed that she plans to “go as long as I have to” in order to secure a third season. “Gandhi did a lot of fasts, the longest he did was 21 days, but most of his were five-six days.

“I’m going to see how far I can go.”

Following The OA‘s cancellation, star Jason Isaacs took to Twitter to share an emotional parting message with fans. “Practice the movements and I’ll see you on the other side,” he told his followers at the end of a lengthy post.

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