‘The Office’ star Craig Robinson signs to play the Anti-Christ

Star of US sitcom signs up for 'Rapturepalooza'

The Office star Craig Robinson has signed up to play the Anti-Christ in new comedy Rapturepalooza.

Robinson plays Darryl Philbin in the US version of the hit sitcom and also appeared in Hot Tub Time Machine.

But his run of likeable characters looks like being broken with news of his latest film role, currently in production by Lionsgate, reports Deadline.com.

Rapturepalooza is set a year after a religious apocalypse strips away half of the world’s population. The story follows the characters Ben and Lyndsey as they try to rebuild their sandwich cart business amid rainstorms of blood and swarms of talking locusts.

The sandwich sellers face further problems when Robinson‘s Anti-Christ emerges and decides that he wants to take Lyndsey as his bride.

Robinson will also serve as an Executive Producer for the film.