‘The Office’ star John Krasinski responds to revival reports

"I'd love to get that gang back together"

The Office star John Krasinski has said that he would “love” to get the “gang back together” for a potential revival of the US show, but hasn’t been contacted about it yet.

The American adaptation of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s British classic, The Office ran for nine seasons from 2005 and 2013, with reports recently suggesting that early talks were taking place about reviving the NBC series.

Multiple cast members have voiced their support for the show’s potential return, including Jenna Fischer – who played fan favourite Pam Beesly.


Now, Krasinski – who played Beesly’s love interest Jim Halpert – has spoken to Ellen DeGeneres about reports of the show’s return.

“I did hear that… on the internet,” Krasinski said. “Guess who didn’t get a call? Me. What does that say? NBC’s like ‘You know who we didn’t like? Jim.'”

After DeGeneres said that they couldn’t continue the show without him, Krasinski replied: “Well it looks like they are. I haven’t gotten a call yet.”

On whether he would want to be part of a revival season, he said: “Are you kidding? I’d love to get that gang back together.”

Reports of an Office revival recently suggested that lead star Steve Carrell would not be involved in any new edition of the show.