The Raconteurs announce new ‘Live in Tulsa’ triple LP

It will also include a Blu-Ray featuring Jack White and Brendan Benson's first-ever performance together

The Raconteurs have announced new album ‘Live in Tulsa’, a triple LP chronicling their three sold-out concerts at Oklahoma’s Cain’s Ballroom in October of this year.

‘Live in Tulsa’ comes after the band released ‘Help Us Stranger’, their first album in 11 years, earlier this year. It’s the latest addition to The Vault subscription service from Jack White‘s Third Man Records label.

Consisting of 12 tracks pulled from across the Cain’s Ballroom run, it includes ‘Help Us Stranger’ tracks like ‘Bored and Razed’ and ‘Help Me Stranger’, as well as classic Raconteurs cuts ‘Carolina Drama’ and ‘Steady, As She Goes’.


Each of the three LPs have been pressed onto different coloured vinyl (copper, green, and black), and is housed in a tri-fold jacket featuring the Art Deco frieze from the Tulsa Fire Alarm building, which was also used on posters for the Cain’s concerts.

A press release on the Third Man Records website read: “As the Raconteurs are allegedly the first band to ever sell out three consecutive shows at Cain’s Ballroom, it was only fitting to mark the occasion by recording each night, culling only the best of each of those performances, and fusing them together for a career-spanning, masterwork of an album.”

Accompanying the release will be a bonus Blu-ray titled Born and Razed, featuring two performances from White and bandmate Brendan Benson, shot at Third Man Records’ Cass Corridor storefront on White’s 44th birthday on July 9th, 2019.

According to the press release, the first performance sees “Brendan and Jack laid out sparse, explorative takes on not only Raconteurs songs, but other classics from their expansive back catalogs.

“Performances of Raconteurs faves like ‘Only Child’ and ‘Now That You’re Gone’ sound unlike any other version before or since, while the vibe propelling songs like the White Stripes’ ‘Sugar Never Tasted So Good’ or Benson’s ‘Metarie’ are reminiscent of times back when these two guys would just goof around in Detroit dive bars while a handful of uninterested patrons pretended to not be bothered by their racket.”


The second concert video captures Benson and White’s first-ever show together on March 14th, 1999. According to a press release, the performance was recorded at Detroit’s Garden Bowl Lounge using nothing but an “ultra lo-fi camcorder and condenser microphone.”

A mystery Raconteurs flexi-disc will also be included.

‘Live in Tulsa’ tracklist:

01. ‘Bored and Razed’
02. ‘Blue Veins’
03. ‘Consoler of the Lonely’
04. ‘Help Me Stranger’
05. ‘Only Child’
06. ‘Sunday Driver’
07. ‘Now That You’re Gone’
08. ‘Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)’
09. ‘Broken Boy Soldier’
10. ‘Carolina Drama’
11. ‘Thoughts and Prayers’
12. ‘Steady, As She Goes’

Brendan Benson and Jack White Live at Third Man Records’ Cass Corridor July 9th, 2019 setlist:

01. ‘Fearless’ (Pink Floyd)
02. ‘Sugar Never Tasted So Good’ (The White Stripes)
03. ‘Metarie’ (Brendan Benson)
04. ‘Only Child’ (The Raconteurs)
05. ‘Lucille’ (Little Richard)
06. ‘Love Interruption’ (Jack White)
07. ‘Now That You’re Gone’ (The Raconteurs)
08. ‘Shine The Light on Me’ (The Raconteurs)
09. ‘As Ugly As I Seem’ (The White Stripes)
10. ‘Together’ (The Raconteurs)
11. ‘We’re Going to Be Friends’ (The White Stripes)
12. ‘Help Me Stranger’ (The Raconteurs)

Brendan Benson and Jack White Live at the Garden Bowl Lounge March 14, 1999 setlist:

01. ‘I Fought Piranhas’ (The White Stripes)
02. ‘Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground’ (The White Stripes)
03. ‘Crosseyed’ (Brendan Benson)
04. ‘Who’s to Say’ (Blanche)
05. ‘You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket’ (The White Stripes)
06. ‘The Same Boy You’ve Always Known’ (The White Stripes)
07. ‘Do’ (The White Stripes)
08. ‘Good to Me’ (Brendan Benson)
09. ‘Sugar Never Tasted So Good’ (The White Stripes)
10. ‘Fearless’ (Pink Floyd)
11. ‘Suzy Lee’ (The White Stripes)
12. ‘Candy Cane Children’ (The White Stripes)

To get a copy of ‘Live in Tulsa’, Born and Razed, and that surprise flexi-disc, sign up for Third Man’s vault subscription via the label’s online store.

Meanwhile, after years of speculation, it appears the long hoped for collaboration between Jack Black and Jack White is actually happening.

The idea of them recording together has been talked about ever since they both first emerged in the late 1990s. Having first met in 2006, Jack Black has confirmed they have finally been in the studio.