‘The Simpsons’ parody ‘Stranger Things’ in new Treehouse Of Horror episode

Ever wanted to see Lisa as Eleven?

The Simpsons have parodied Stranger Things in a new Treehouse Of Horror episode.

The episode – which happens to be the 666th edition of the iconic sitcom – saw Lisa Simpson as Eleven, as she saves Milhouse from the ‘Over Under’, the show’s take on the Upside Down.


After Milhouse gets his leg bitten off by a dog, Lisa said: “I’d better use my psychic powers.

“Girls are afraid to use them because then we’re called unfeminine. We needlessly lost a lot of good witches at Salem.”

The Stranger Things parody follows the show’s 2017 tribute to The Big Bang Theory to mark its 30th anniversary.

Game of Thrones was also given its own Simpsons episode, with the HBO drama given the opening episode of season 29.

More recently, The Simpsons recreated Queen’s iconic Live Aid concert in a new episode in the most recent series.


Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed that Olivia Colman will appear in The Simpsons‘ new series, portraying a character who falls in love with Homer.

A potential spin-off to The Simpsons could also be on the cards, exploring the lives of Springfield citizens outside of the Simpson family.

Stranger Things, meanwhile, appears to have started filming its fourth season after eagle-eyed fans spotted police chief Hopper’s iconic truck parked in the show’s filming location of Georgia.

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