‘The Three Musketeers” first trailer released online – video

Watch the first glimpse of 3D swashbuckling epic on NME.COM

The first trailer from the forthcoming new The Three Musketeers film has been released online.

Watch it by clicking above.

The new 3D version of Alexander Dumas‘ classic swashbuckling novel is due for release later this year. It has been directed by Paul W S Anderon.

Set in the 17th Century, the story sees hot-headed young warrior D’Artagnan, along with three formerly-legendary but ageing Musketeers, unite. Their mission is to defeat a beautiful double agent and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.

Logan Lerman plays D’Argtagnan with Juno Temple, who was recently cast in The Dark Knight Rises, playing Queen Anne. Orlando Bloom plays the Duke Of Buckingham with Milla Jovovich as M’lady De Winter.

The three Musketeers are played by Matthew Mcfadyen, Ray Stevenson and Luke Evans.Video