‘The Walking Dead’ actor thinks Governor would “wipe the floor” with Negan and Alpha

"There's no competition"

The Walking Dead actor David Morrissey has said he believes his character, the Governor, would “wipe the floor” with the show’s currently villains Negan and Alpha.

Morrissey’s Governor was the main antagonist in season three of The Walking Dead, killing both Hershel and Merle.

In conversation at the virtual Wizard World panel for The Walking Dead, Morrissey said of the competition with Negan and Alpha: “Out of those villains, obviously the Governor would wipe the floor with everybody.”


The Walking Dead actor was also quizzed on his thoughts on Shane, the character played by Jon Bernthal who began the show as a friend of Rick Grimes, who turned into a walker himself

“What a great actor. I never got a chance to work with Jon, I think he’s a fantastic actor, really great.”

He added: “But that dynamic, which started off in Season 1, whether he’s a bad guy… He did some terrible things. That set the tone.”

Reiterating his confidence in his own character as the most threatening villain, Morrissey said: “There’s only the Governor. There’s no competition, come on.”

The season 10 finale of The Walking Dead has been delayed in light of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


The final episode, entitled ‘A Certain Doom’, will air as a special event later in the year. Executive producer Greg Nicotero said that fans’ “jaws will drop” when they see the finale.

“It tees us up so well for season 11. That it’s a little agonising for me to not to be able to talk about. The last two minutes of the finale – people’s jaws are gonna drop,” Nicotero said.