‘The Walking Dead’ creator explains why there’ll never be a cure for the zombie apocalypse in the show

It seems that Rick and co. will be tied to their dystopic fate for the entirety of the show

The co-creator of The Walking Dead has clarified why a cure for the zombie apocalypse will never be introduced into the show’s plot.

The long-running AMC show will return to screens for its eighth season in the US on October 22, before the same premiere airs in the UK the day after (October 23) on FOX.

Speaking about the potential plot point over the weekend at Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego, Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman gave his reasons for why it’s highly unlikely that a cure for the zombie apocalypse will ever be introduced into the show.


“When we get questions like these [about a cure], we like to not be as definitive as possible because we don’t want to reveal anything,” Kirkman said. “But the answers are ‘no’ and ‘no’.

“On one, because it’s been done on a lot of other zombie stories. And two, because you know it’s kind of a mythology-breaking proposition. You don’t want that kind of thing as far as somebody being immune. And we have dabbled in that a little bit in the other show [Fear The Walking Dead].

Andrew Lincoln as Rick in 'The Walking Dead'
Andrew Lincoln as Rick in The Walking Dead

“But as far as actually trying to solve the thing, I’ve always thought that one of the best things about this show is that it’s not about scientists and it’s not about people that would take that on as a task – because I feel like that’s unrelatable,” Kirkman continued. “I think if there were a zombie apocalypse, I don’t know that there’s maybe five people in this room that would have that job.”

“To go off and try to solve this would be a boring show, so definitely not,” he added. “But it’s a good question.”


Meanwhile, a new five-minute teaser trailer for season eight of The Walking Dead was unveiled over the weekend.

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