‘The Walking Dead fans think there’s a Whisperer mole within Alexandria

Series 10 of the show is building towards something big - spoilers below

Fans of The Walking Dead have presented an extensive new theory as season 10 of the show continues.

The latest series of the long-running AMC show seems to be heading towards an action-packed finale.

Fans on Twitter have been speculating as to where the series might go, and believe that there is a mole for the Whisperers somewhere within Alexandria.


One fan believes that Siddiq the doctor could be the mole, writing: “The Whisperers are poisoning their water with the walker blood to weaken them (water Siddiq jumped in in promo).

“Negan’s bringing war to Alpha as he continues to bond with Lydia. Siddiq is Alpha’s mole as he has PTSD of killing his friends.”


Another agrees that Siddiq’s supposed PTSD is a cover for his new operation. “I still think he’s a mole for the Whisperers. He’s not struggling with PTSD, it’s good old fashioned guilt is driving him mad!”

“My theory is that saddiq is a mole for the whisperers,” a third fan added. “I think that’s why alpha let him live so he could feed her information on when they cross her border and the reason I think he agreed is cuz she Threatened Rosita & coco so yeah my theory.”


Eagle-eyed as ever, The Walking Dead fans recently pointed out a new easter egg that links Beta and Beth.

The Walking Dead‘s tenth season began last month, picking up its lowest ratings to date on the season opener.