Watch the dramatic first trailer for the new season of The X Files

Martians! Conspiracies! Cigarette Smoking Man!

The X Files season 11 trailer is finally here, after being unveiled at New York Comic-Con.

Slated for release in January next year, The X Files season 11 trailer sees some of the show’s most iconic characters (good and bad) making a reappearance. Dialogue playing over the trailer reveals that a conspiracy for mass extermination of the human race, alongside the search by David Duchovny‘s Mulder and Gillian Anderson‘s Scully for their long lost son William, will form the majority of the new season’s action.

Season 10 ended with a fast moving and life-threatening sickness sweeping over the planet. In the new trailer, Scully opens with the line, “Mulder, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen how it begins,” suggesting that the last episode has been re-imagined as one of Dana’s dreams, a foreshadowing of the apocalyptic events to come.


The cigarette smoking man is then seen speaking to FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner, saying, “I’m asking you to betray the whole human race. Do you mind if I smoke?”

Elsewhere, there’s a martian on an operating table, an appearance by one of the presumed dead Lone Gunmen, and clips of Scully desperately searching for her and Mulder’s son William, long since given up for adoption. Watch the full trailer below.

“The truth still lies in the X Files, Mulder,” Scully whispers from a hospital bed at the end of the trailer.

In August, it was confirmed that Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose had been confirmed to reprise their roles as Agents Miller and Einstein for the eleventh season of the show.

The X Files season 11 is scheduled for release in January 2018.