There’s a Final Destination reboot in the making and the writers of Saw are reportedly on board

The noughties horror films have had the green light for a re-imagining

Final Destination, the successful noughties horror franchise, has had the green light for a reboot by New Line Cinema.

Plot details for the sixth instalment have yet to be revealed, but horror movie veterans, Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, are involved in the project – as reported by Hollywood Reporter.

The first Final Destination film was released in 2000 by New Line Cinema to huge commercial success – with reports claiming the film made $112 million worldwide on only a $23 million budget.

The premise of the film set up the formula for the four sequels; a character had a premonition about a horrific event and saves their own life along with several others, only to have Death come for them in a series of terrifying, and usually gory, manners.

The last of the films was released in 2011 and starred Nicholas D’Agosto and Emma Bell and garnered mostly positive reviews. NME said: “This is the best Final Destination film yet: a gleeful cavalcade of pulped skulls, squished eyeballs and skewered limbs – all hurled at you in bumblowing 3-D.”

New Line Cinema, a production company known for it’s horror movies including the 80s series of Nightmare on Elm Street films, is gearing up to release the third installment of the Annabelle series later this year.

The company’s more recent outputs also include The Conjuring franchise and last year’s The Nun.