Protest against Theresa May’s ‘coalition of chaos’ takes place in London

It will take place at Downing Street in London tonight (June 9) at 5pm

A protest has taken place in London this evening (June 9) with scores of people speaking out against Theresa May’s so-called “coalition of chaos”.

In the wake of a crushing blow at the 2017 general election, Conservative leader Theresa May has vowed to form a government of “certainty” with Northern Ireland’s DUP (Democratic Unionist Party). Speaking of the coalition with the DUP, May said that the two parties had “enjoyed a strong relationship over many years” – and that she would pull Britain together “to secure a successful Brexit deal that works for everyone.”

However, with the DUP accused of homophobia and criticism of their anti-abortion stance, many have branded the Tory and DUP partnership as a “coalition of chaos”, a term that the Conservatives used to describe the possibility of Labour forming a coalition with the SNP, Lib Dems and other “progressive” parties. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is among those speaking out against the coalition.

Earlier today, a Facebook event was set up calling for people to assemble at Downing Street today at 5pm BST, with the organisers writing: “Make June the end of May! Abolish the bigot coalition”. Writer Owen Jones backed the protest, writing on Twitter: “Protest today, 5pm, Theresa May’s Coalition of Chaos, backed by anti-LGBT, anti-women extremists”.

Video and photos have since emerged of the protest, with numbers reportedly increasing as the evening progresses. One protestor held a placard that read “So, terrorist sympathisers are ok now???”. See below.

Last night (June 8) saw the Tories remain the largest party, but with their representation weakened by losing seats and failing to score a majority – resulting in a hung Parliament.

This has come as a massive embarrassment to May, after she called the snap election in the hope of strengthening to party ahead of Brexit negotiations.