Theresa May says election night made her ‘shed a little tear’

The exit poll figures came as quite a shock to the once-confident PM.

Theresa May has revealed that last month’s shock election result brought her to tears.

The Prime Minister called the snap general election when she was surging ahead in the polls, and clearly felt confident of increasing her House of Commons majority. However, following a stellar campaign from Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, her Conservative party ended up losing 13 seats and with it their overall majority.

“I was shocked at the result that had come through in the exit poll,” May told interviewer Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live today. “It took a few minutes for it to sort of sink in, what that was telling me. My husband gave me a hug, and then I got on the phone to the Conservative party to find out what had happened.”

She continued: “I felt, I suppose, devastated really. I knew the campaign wasn’t going perfectly, but still the messages I was getting from people I was speaking to, but also the comments we were getting back from a lot of people that were being passed on to me, were that we were going to get a better result than we did.”

Asked if she shed a tear when her husband hugged her, May replied: “Yes, a little tear, at that moment.”

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have since overtaken May and the Conservatives in the opinion polls. Speaking to NME at Glastonbury last month, the Labour leader condemned May’s admission that she once ran through a field of wheat, saying:  “I’m totally shocked that anyone would run through a wheat field and damage wheat. It’s a terrible thing to do.”