This is what it’d take for ‘Gilmore Girls’ to return for more new episodes

Cult show returned to Netflix for four episodes last year

Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has indicated what would need to happen for the show to return again.

Last year, Netflix revived the cult US sitcom, which finished airing on terrestrial TV in 2007, for four 90-minute episodes under the title of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that there had been talks with Netflix about more new episodes, while star Alexis Bledel said that hadn’t “heard anything” about the future of the show.


Sherman-Palladino has now told The Hollywood Reporter that there would need to be “an open bar” as well as the “right” story and format.

“The thing about Gilmore Girls is, it’s an amorphous thing,” she said. “The reason that it happened the first time is because we all went to that Austin [ATX] Festival and we all sat together and there was an open bar and we were all sitting there saying, ‘It feels good now, let’s do it now.'”

“I think it would have to be a similar situation,” Sherman-Palladino added, joking: “There would have to be an open bar and we would have to have the right story and the right format and it would have to be a time where the girls and us all felt like, ‘Yeah, let’s dive in again.'”

“There’s nothing being planned right now but it’s open if the muse strikes,” she confirmed.

Sherman-Palladino’s latest show Marvelous Mrs Maisel arrives on Amazon today (November 29) and Sherman-Palladino herself recently penned an exclusivity deal with the Netflix rival. However, she said there’s a clause in the contract that allows her to do more Gilmore Girls episodes for Netflix.


Earlier this year, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham said that she would play Lorelai “until my dying day”.