Three new Harry Potter books by JK Rowling are being published next month

JK Rowling's eBooks are short story collections from the Potterverse

JK Rowling has written three collections of Harry Potter stories, which are being published as eBooks on September 6.

The books are £1.99 each and promise to tell of Rowling’s inspirations for characters and places in the world of Potter’s novels. Some of them have previously been published on Pottermore, Rowling’s website dedicated to Harry Potter.

The first book is Power, Politics And Pesky Poltergeists, which gives “a glimpse of the darker side of the wizarding world”, including the history of Azkaban prison. It tells the life story of Professor Umbridge and the friendship between Tom Marvolo Riddle and potions master Horace Slughorn.


Next is Heroism, Hardship And Dangerous Hobbies. It tells the stories of heroic characters including Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall, as well as Sybill Trelawney and Silanus Kettleburn.

The final book, Hogwarts: An Incomplete And Unreliable Guide, tells the history of the school which Potter, Hermoine Grainger and Ron Weasley attended.

The books are available for pre-order now. It doesn’t appear there are print editions of the collections.

Their publication coincides with new play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, which is running at London’s Palace Theatre. New film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them starring Eddie Redmayne as zoologist Newt Scamander is released on November 17.