Three new images of ‘Alien: Covenant’ revealed

The ‘Prometheus’ sequel will be released in the UK on May 12

Less than a month ahead of its UK release, three new images of Alien: Covenant have been revealed.

The images, from this month’s Empire magazine, could be classed as spoilers, so don’t read on if you don’t want to find out too much about the Prometheus sequel.

One shows a unidentified figure on the Engineer’s planet, launching those pods last seen in the 2012 film. There are rumours about who that figure in black might be. Michael Fassbender’s David, perhaps? Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland?


Another of the images definitely shows both David and Weyland, CEO of the eponymous Weyland Industries. According to Empire, the scene is a flashback, and features Fassbender in one of his dual roles.

The final image – and we hope you’re not eating while looking at it – shows a Neomorph devouring a Covenant crew member. Hard to tell which one at this stage.

“The Neomorph was inspired by (director Ridley) Scott’s fondness for nature documentaries on living nightmares, like goblin sharks,” Empire writes.

Earlier this month, three new videos, entitled ‘Run’, ‘Hide’ and ‘Pray’ were released, premiered during the season finale of The Walking Dead.

Meanwhile, the film’s director quashed speculation Alien: Covenant’s lead character, Daniels, is the daughter of Ripley, Sigourney Weaver’s character from the franchise.


Asked about Katherine Waterston’s role in the upcoming film at SXSW’s film festival, Scott said: “She’s herself.”


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