Tina Fey wants a 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation crossover

Tina Fey said she would love the two shows to cross over

Tina Fey has told Entertainment Tonight that she would love for 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation to make a crossover edition.

Fey said whilst there are no plans to reboot 30 Rock, she would be open to a spin-off show with her long-time collaborator, Amy Poehler.

“Amy’s willing to do a Parks and Rec reboot,” Fey revealed. “Maybe we should just do a Liz Lemon, Leslie Knope spin off.”


Earlier this year, Fey appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on April 19. On the show, Fey discussed how rumours about a 30 Rock revival first began.

“We were on the red carpet for the Broadway opening [of Mean Girls] and someone was like, ‘Would you ever do a 30 Rock reboot?'” she revealed. “And I was like, ‘Maybe.’ And, like, a little bit of that is on me. I must be so thirsty for internet attention, I was like, ‘Maybe.’”

She also said that she would “never do a straight reboot because that would be too easy,” joking that she would do something very different indeed. “Should we do a prequel like Muppet Babies, or set in a dystopian future where there’s a lot of robot sex?”

30 Rock star Jane Krakowski has previously said she would also be up for a crossover of some kind describing it as “a dream come true. She also revealed that there had been conversations about bringing in back.

Saying the cast had “the greatest time on that show”, she also added: “I would be thrilled if the [reboot] trend continued over into 30 Rock.”


So would we. Here’s hoping Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope appear together on screen together soon.