Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible 4’ salary slashed

Paramount supposedly lose confidence in Cruise's box office power

Tom Cruise’s salary is to undergo a complete restructure for Mission: Impossible 4 after disappointing box office takings for his latest film Knight and Day.

Insiders at Paramount have revealed that the studio has lost so much confidence in Cruise they have radically reduced his upfront fee.

According to, Cruise is said to have agreed to be paid “scale”, the Screen Actors Guild minimum payment, by Paramount, who are currently getting the movie’s budget together.

This means that Cruise will get nothing up front, and will only get paid after the film recoups its investment, said to be around £44 million.

In 2006 Mission: Impossible III made £252 million worldwide.

His latest box office outing Knight and Day has been dubbed a flop, grossing £47 million three weeks after its release in the US.